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Join 11 million 168极速赛车开奖记录结果查询,视频直播,168极速官方网站 users who design and make infographics, presentations, and videos with just a few clicks.

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Piktochart - Strategic Planning
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Created for simplicity. Learn the platform in less than an hour.

Tools like Photoshop & Illustrator require months of training before you can make a graphic that looks professional. With Piktochart, you can whip up a professional-looking design in less than an hour — No training or graphic design experience required. Our drag and drop editor helps you create infographics, brochures, or presentations in minutes, not hours.

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Integrate into your current workflow

With Piktochart, you don’t have to overhaul your entire workflow. Download your visual content in PNG and PDF formats and share them with your colleagues via email. You can also download your presentations as a PPT file and use presentation software like Powerpoint to present offline.

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Turn complex data into a clear, catchy visual.

Data doesn’t have to be boring, and visualizing data doesn’t have to be complex. Copy-paste your data into our graph maker, upload a CSV, or Excel file, or link up a Google sheet. Turn complex data into a clear data visualization that gets your message across. Choose between charts, graphs, and interactive maps to present your data clearly and understandably.

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Edit your videos like a text document.

Video editing feels complex and daunting? With Piktochart Video, it’s as quick and straightforward as editing text. Automatically transcribe, add subtitles, and crop video to optimize for different social media channels. All in a matter of minutes.

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Collection of Piktochart infographics

High-quality infographics

Whether you need to visualize a process, explain a topic, or tell a new hire what to expect on their first day, a good infographic can do the job. With Piktochart, you always get access to the premium infographics templates.

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Collection of Piktochart reports

Insightful reports

Keep your manager and everyone on your team on the same page. Piktochart helps you create reports that turn boring data into a clear story.

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Piktochart presentations collage

Persuasive presentations

Need to pitch to an investor, client, or stakeholder? Piktochart has you covered. Easily create a professionally-looking pitch deck, sales deck, or an engaging presentation for business or school.

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Piktochart posters

Eye-catching posters

Whether you need to promote an event, or you just need to let your employees know what’s going on in the cafeteria, our posters can do the trick. Use one of the poster templates or create a custom poster using blank canvas.

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social media videos

Engaging videos

Want to drive more engagement on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram? We’ve got you! Repurpose your webinars, Zoom recordings, and thought leadership videos into social media videos. Say “hello” to the most straightforward video editor on the web.

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